Tony Barletta for
Pickerington City Council

  • Support efforts to make the City more walkable
  • Support efforts to create a community rec center
  • Support responsible economic development
  • Support our Police Department


  • Born 1961 in South Orange New Jersey

Home and Family:

  • Since 1996, I’ve lived in Cherry Hill subdivision with my wife Tammy
  • We have two sons, Jordan and Ryan.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Newark New Jersey. 1984

Professional Experience:

  • 33 years with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent and now Nokia

Community Service:

  • Board President and Volunteer at PCMA Food Pantry of Pickerington
  • Board President of Sheltering Young Mothers in Columbus
  • Served on City Council Since 2009.
  • Served on Property Maintenance Task Force in 2004-2005

Long Story

I was born in South Orange New Jersey in 1961, to Harold and Patricia Barletta. Harold was a World War II vet who worked for the Department of Labor in New York City. Patricia was a Nurse prior to becoming a stay at home Mom. I am the oldest of 4 children, with two sisters and a brother. I graduated from Columbia High School in 1979, and attended New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

 Upon Graduation, I moved to Montgomery Illinois to work for AT&T, in electronics manufacturing.  While living in Illinois, I met Tammy and we were married in 1990.  We relocated to North Carolina, where our son Jordan was born in 1995. AT&T spun off Lucent Technologies in 1996. The factory was closed and we relocated to Pickerington in December 1996.  Our son Ryan was born here in 1997.

 We’re not sure how it happened, but our kids became interested in ice hockey.  Both played competitively with Easton Youth Hockey Association. Jordan went on to play for PRPC Prowlers. I was an assistant coach one season, and decided my best work was done without skates, typically scorekeeping or attending to the penalty box.

 I developed an interest in local politics when Pickerington was having its uncontrolled growth spurt in the late 90’s. The crowded schools and traffic was a clear indication we were headed for trouble. I was a regular attendee at City Council meeting speaking out on growth related issues. I had my first experience with local politics going door to door in 2003 for the Team for Change. They swept the election, winning the Mayor’s office and three Council seats.

 I served on the property maintenance task force in 2004 and 2005, reviewing parking and home maintenance issues and making recommendations to Council.  In 2007 I was treasurer for CPR, Citizens Preserving Rights. We sponsored Issue 9, which was designed to limit the power of council to give away Municipal rights. The issue was narrowly defeated by voters in May 2007. The JEDD agreement which was adopted by council was influenced by the Issue 9 campaign.

 After running for Council in 2007, I was determined to increase my community involvement and became a regular volunteer with the PCMA Food Pantry of Pickerington. I led several food sorting events, with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and volunteers. When my youngest son crossed over to Boy Scouts, I decided to join troop 826 as an Assistant Scout Master.

 I won election in 2009, and was given the opportunity to serve on the PCMA Food Pantry of Pickerington Board as the City’s representative. Due to the increasing need the Pantry was outgrowing its location in the basement of the Carnegie Library. The Board relocated the Food Pantry to its current location on Cross Street. I’m honored to serve as Board President. Please visit

 In 2009 I became involved with Patch, Parents Addressing Teen CHallenges. This group of local Pickerington Families founded a non-profit which provides transitional housing to homeless young women who are pregnant or have young children. The goal is to provide a stable environment so these young women can become self-sufficient. Please visit

 I was reelected in 2013. I’ve decided to seek another term to continue to work on the issues important to me and I think the majority of the Citizens of Pickerington:

  • Support efforts to make the City more walkable
  • Support efforts to create a community rec center
  • Support responsible economic development
  • Support our Police Department



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