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Senator Rob Portman (R)
Washington, DC: Phone: 202-224-3353.
Columbus Office: Phone: 614-469-6774

Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Washington, DC: (202) 224-2315
Columbus Office: (614) 469-2083

Rep. Steve Stivers, (R)
Washington, DC Office: 202-225-2015
Lancaster Office: (740) 654-2654
123 South Broad Street Suite 235 Lancaster, OH 43130

Note: The local party has made no endorsements, candidates names are for your information only.



 Sherrod Brown
 US Senate
 Rick Neal US Congress OH-15

Leah Hackleman-Good

Fairfield County Commissioner

Brett Pransky
Ohio House District 77
Amber Daniels
Ohio House District 78
 Richard Cordray Governor
 Steve Dettelbach
 Attorney General
 Zack Space
 Auditor of State
 Kathleen Clyde
 Secretary of State
 Rob Richardson
 Ohio State Treasurer


Lancaster Artwalk 2018
Join us at Headquarters for the Artwalk in Downtown Lancaster
Event Details  ·  Jul 20, 2018

Baltimore Festival Parade
Enjoy the Baltimore Festival, walk with candidates in the Parade.
Event Details  ·  Aug 4, 2018

Cordray Fundraiser
Join us at Rockside Winery for a Rich Cordray Fundraiser
Event Details  ·  Aug 8, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting
Our next meeting of the executive committee of the Fairfield County Democrats is Thursday August 16th, 7PM. Meeting is at Headquarters, 118N. Columbus st. in Lancaster.
Event Details  ·  Aug 16, 2018

Fairfield County Democrats Fundraiser
Save the date for a fun evening with fellow Democrats
Event Details  ·  Sep 4, 2018

News Articles

Open thread for night owls: Trump in Helsinki makes the case against himself
David Corn at Mother Jones writes—In Helsinki, Trump Shows He Is Indeed Guilty of Collusion: I’ve been making this case for over a year, noting that “Trump actively and enthusiastically aided and abetted” Putin’s plot against the United States by supporting Moscow’s denial that it...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Former CIA Director calls Trump's comments at Putin press conference 'nothing short of treasonous'
The joint press conference with Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin after their one-on-one meeting, a meeting in which Donald Trump insisted there be no note-takers to record their conversation, has been nothing short of a disaster for America and democracy. Before the pair even got started, a...
News Item  ·  5 DailyKos Headlines  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Jimmy Kimmel Convinced Trump Pee Tape Exists ‘Beyond a Treasonable Doubt’
ABCJimmy Kimmel has one big takeaway from the “strangest of all 542 bizarre days of Donald Trump’s reign of error”: The pee tape is real. “The president of the United States today publicly sided with Russia over our own FBI on the subject of cyber attacks on our election campaign,”...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Stephen Colbert: ‘Alarming’ Trump-Putin Summit Has ‘Shaken Me to My Core’
CBS“Today has shaken me to my core,” Stephen Colbert said at the top of his Late Show monologue Monday night. “And I don't think I need to point out that, at 54, there’s not a lot of core left.” “Before we get into whether our president is the Siberian candidate,” the host...
News Item  ·  Daily Beast  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Putin Just Dismissed the Mueller Probe as “Political Games” in Fox News Interview
Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested the Mueller investigation is politically motivated, calling it part of the United States’ “internal political games” in a 30-minute interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that aired Monday night. “It’s quite...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Putin’s Comments in Helsinki Only Raised More Questions About Russia’s Election Interference
President Donald Trump’s remarks at a joint news conference with Vladimir Putin on Monday were an immediate disaster, as he drew bipartisan condemnation for siding with the Russian leader over his own intelligence and law enforcement agencies about the Russian attack on the 2016 election. But...
News Item  ·  Mother Jones Politics  ·  Jul 16, 2018_  right

Meet the New Copperheads. They’re Also Called Republicans.
  When it comes to expressions of patriotism in perilous times, silence is not golden. Among Republicans, John McCain clearly knows that. The sounds of silence coming from congressional Republicans in the wake of the indictments of twelve more Russian intelligence officers that have been...
News Item  ·  Plunderbund  ·  Jul 16, 2018_  right

Woman Charged With Acting as Russian Agent Built Ties With NRA to Gain Influence Over GOP
A 29-year-old Russian woman was arrested in Washington, D.C. Monday and charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation, which included trying to establish backchannel communications with conservative political organizations, including the National Rifle Association. Maria...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

Republican Senator Says Trump Lied About Russian Meddling During Summit as a Bizarro Form of Statecraft
There was near-unanimity across the political spectrum in the criticism leveled at President Trump for his inexplicably fawning performance during Monday’s Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A few rationalizations flared in the most devout corners of the conservative...
News Item  ·  Slate  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

When Will These Republicans Act to Safeguard Our Elections?
John Nichols Trump’s comments alongside Putin were rightly condemned, but words don’t count for much. We need action. The post When Will These Republicans Act to Safeguard Our Elections? appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Jul 16, 2018_  right

The United States Has a National-Security Problem—and It’s Not What You Think
Rajan Menon Conflict abroad is not the biggest threat to most Americans’ lives. The post The United States Has a National-Security Problem—and It’s Not What You Think appeared first on The Nation.
News Item  ·  The Nation  ·  Jul 16, 2018_  right

Shocking summit with Putin caps off Trump’s turbulent Europe trip
President Trump capped off a tumultuous week abroad with a message: "Witch hunt."
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

GOP lambasts Trump over performance in Helsinki
President Trump's refusal to denounce Russia's meddling in the 2016 election sparked a backlash Monday from Republican lawmakers, including prominent voices on national security and foreign policy.The sharpest crit...
News Item  ·  The Hill  ·  Jul 17, 2018_  right

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